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BIM Project Consultation and Feedback

1 on 1 help with your BIM project to solve complex integration issues and keep you on schedule

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Need help getting through the final few integration errors on your BIM project?

Want someone to check out your work and show you how to fix complex details?

Sign up for a BIM Project Consultation and Feedback we'll get your Revit project integrated in the IES Virtual Environment for energy modeling.

What you will gain from the feedback:

-Understand how to mitigate complex 3D details

-Identify missing information to get the most out of your exported BIM data

-Simplify the model to reduce simulation run times

-Split rooms at the right places for complete volumetric enclosures

Don't have time to perform the integration yourself? Let us handle the building geometry integration and you can get started right away with your energy model. Our proven workflow can seamlessly import Revit models in the VE quickly and effectively; where a 40-hour model building job can be done in 5 hours by leveraging the information in BIM.

Your Instructor

Jean Carriere
Jean Carriere

As an educator ­and building performance technologist, Jean specializes in helping engineers and architects implement technology workflows that promote sustainable building design and ultimately reduces the carbon impact of the built environment. His expertise lies in advising industry on BIM to energy modeling techniques from the perspective of transferring data between applications.

Jean currently holds the position of Business Development Manager with IES for the North-East US/CAN region, as well as running his own online training business, Trailloop. Jean has pioneered the BIM-integrated energy modeling workflow and taught it in college programs, industry workshops, and to students all over the world with his online training course. He is also a technical advisory board member for buildingSMART Canada and the Green Building XML schema.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get started with a BIM Project Consultation and Feedback?
You can enroll in the 2-hour course where we will schedule a time to discuss your project through a screen-sharing web meeting. You will need to send your Revit project to Trailloop where we will review it and provide you with feedback during our meeting.

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