Interoperate Building Data from Revit to the Virtual Environment

Learn how to exchange simulated data such as building loads, heat gains, ventilation and airflow for each space and zone within your Revit model.

The fundamental modeling techniques provides you with a framework for modeling in Revit for an integration with the Virtual Environment for energy modeling using the green building XML data exchange format. Excel is then used to exchange data between Revit Schedules and the VE's Tabular Room Data. Enroll in this free course to exchange building loads data between the applications.

Your Instructor

Jean Carriere
Jean Carriere

President, and CEO of Trailloop. Jean works with architects and engineers to implement integrated workflows to increase productivity, precision and data quality. As an entrepreneur, he pioneered a data exchange framework for exchanging building information model data with energy modeling systems. His journey of discovery leads him to explore new frontiers of technology integration. He believes decentralized networks have the potential to help us understand and advise on technology infrastructure gaps.

He is a technical advisory board member for buildingSMART Canada, and he is on the board of directors for the Green Building Extensible Markup Language.

Class Curriculum

This course is not open for enrollment.